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Pet and People Services is a dog-sitting business dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment for your furry family members. With 20 years of experience under my belt, I am confident I can provide the best possible care for your pup. I specialize in sitting dogs over two years old and up to 35 pounds. To ensure the safety of your pups, I have a one-level fenced-in backyard and only care for a few dogs at once. This allows me to pay close attention to the individual needs of each pup.

   I began this business because one of my dogs got hurt in a kennel. I was so upset. They did nothing and handed my dog to me still bleeding. I knew I could do a much better job, and with my life experience of caring for animals, I began this journey many years ago. I am so happy that I did.

Meet & Greet

If you are a new client, there are probably many questions you want to ask. I am happy to meet with you and answer those, as well as show you where your dog will stay. This is called a "meet and greet.” This is a requirement for any new dog I will be caring for. I also like to have your dog meet with me one-on-one for about 20 minutes directly after the meet and greet. It helps me to build a connection with your pet and to understand his or her disposition while away from family. The entire appointment takes about 45 minutes. Setting up an appointment is the 1st step, so give me a call today!

Drop Off and Pick Up

I ask that all clients provide me with a time for both, drop off and pick up. I give everyone an automatic 30-minute window in case of traffic or forgetting an item at home. Any later, please call.

Also, please call if you are canceling (72 hours' notice, minimum) so space can be given to another family.

Payment is at drop off in cash.

Here are a few reasons we will decline a dog:

1. Aggressive with other dogs or people

2. Not house-trained or uses potty pads (everyone understands an accident or two)

3. Marks (this is when male dogs urinate to mark territory. It is fine outside)

4. Will need to sleep in the bed with us. (Unfortunately, with 3 or 4 dogs, this is not possible, even though it sounds like lots of snuggling fun!. )

5. Serious separation anxiety without sedation from a vet (We are open to working with sedatives).



    Dogs can get bored and lonely at home alone, even just for the time you are at a job. When our daycare dogs get dropped off here they get to be "one of the pack".  


We take dogs for any combination of days for the doggie daycare program. We have many different kinds of daycare packages to suit your needs listed on the pricing page. We do require a minimum of 5 days a month to come just for a daytime spot only.





 Packing List
  1. Dog bed or blanket. Every dog should have its own.

  2. Kennel, if your dog uses one.

  3. Dog food with your dog's name and feeding instructions on the container. If refrigerated, 1 large or two medium containers only, please. Refrigerated space is limited. We can put more in the freezer.

  4. Updated rabies records. 

  5. Medications, if needed.

  6. Anything that will make your dog feel comfortable, such as a favorite toy or a shirt of yours to sleep with. It helps with anxiety.

  7. Payment in cash at drop off. 

  8. Please bring the papers located here on the website, printed and completed.




I can remember being a young kid and getting excited to sleep at my best friend's house.  That is the atmosphere I give the dogs that stay here.  I doubt they will have PJs on and stay up all night, but I will be there, so they can relax and be safe. 

My clients tell me that their dogs get happy when they are getting close to my house in their car. They are excited to come in. That is the best compliment I can receive. Dog treats will be given with your permission. Along with treats comes plenty of affection, love, & snuggles! 

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