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An Amazing Tail

 Before I understood the ins and outs of pet sitting, I put my dog, Lucy, in a kennel when I went on vacation. She got hurt there and I felt horrible. I had no idea that there were options and better ways of doing things and she paid the price. I knew I could do better than that kennel. I was furious with the lack of care. That is when I opened Pet and People Services. I wanted to have a safe place for your dogs to go with an animal lover do the very best for them. I have watched some dogs for years and they are like my own. I am always touched to see them excited when they get to my house.

I keep the dogs I sit for 35 pounds and under (with a bit of wiggle room) at my home. I notice that most same-sized dogs tend to enjoy being around each other.

I will only care for a few dogs at once. This allows me to pay very close attention, and make sure all the dogs have a lot of love. It also provides a quieter, relaxed environment, as I believe that is what home care was meant to be from the start.

We have a secure, fenced-in backyard for dogs to play and go potty. Dogs are never left outside beyond what is needed and are never left outside unsupervised.

 We have fun toys, and only offer top of the line treats. Treats are only given with Mom or Dad's approval. Pets are never left alone as I am home 24 hours a day. This is my only job because I love it.   

I am a Reiki practitioner and have been certified to work on animals and people for over 10 years. If your dog has an issue that would benefit from Reiki, please contact me. Information on what Reiki is and does can be found on      


  • I have over 20 years of experience.​​

  • I am able to give medication, orally, or injectables.  

  • I have reviews on Google, if you would like to see how my clients feel about me.      


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Murray and Leona
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