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Cat Check in your Home

for up to 2 cats - $20 per visit 

(within 3 miles of my address)

Extra Cat - No problem! Add $5.00

HOLIDAY FEE ~ $5  Holiday rates apply only on Christmas Eve and Day, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year's Eve and Day. An additional $5 per visit will be added to the standard daily rate.

Please cancel within 1 week or more, as a space is reserved for your dog, which requires turning away other pets. 



Doggie Daycare

Note: Currently taking dogs for daycare beginning after 11 am. only until things open up.

For daytime care 1-10 hours

We do daycare for clients who attend a minimum of 5 days a month. They begin at $25 and acquire discounts with bigger packages. These days can be in any order throughout the month.


Half day=1-5 hours

5-day package - $60

10-Day Package - $110

Full Day=1-10 hours 

5-day package - $125

10-Day Package - $225

15 Day package (for use within 30 days) -$350


Please pick up all dogs within 20 minutes of pick-up time. If there is a problem, do not hesitate to call.

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